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[Dance] of @IamTiaLondon’s “Only One for Me”

Tia London got creative with her fans by having a video contents as fans submitted to make the TOP 10 list. We loved the ladies version of “Only Man For Me” by Reactiuon Dance Studio and choreographed by Seoyoung… check them out and make sure you have TIA LONDON in your playlist!

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#NewVideo – @IamTiaLondon “Aaliyah Tribute”


We love Tia London. If you don’t know then you haven’t really been in tune with Female Flow. Her last project The Overdose was hands down our favorite album of 2012 along with our girl Rapsody’s ‘The Idea of Beautiful‘. This latest video released from Tia London is a tribute to the late and never forgotten Ms. Aaliyah. The scene is in a airplane hanger which sends an uneasiness when you think back to the images of Aaliyah’s crash site. We lost an angel that day who left us an amazing catalog of music & memories. We salute you Tia for taking the time to properly remember an amazing inspiration.



2018 UPDATE: TIA LONDON HAS SINCE REMOVED THIS VIDEO, we hope she brings it back!

#WORLDPREMIER of @IamTiaLondon “Live it Up” VIDEO produced by @Traxster

“I just want to stay high for all the times we been low. I just wanna live my life, I just wanna live it right. Live it up! So put your hands up high, we gonna live it up tonight. Live it Up, Live it Up” ~ Tia London


Tia London is dope. We really could end it there but that just wouldn’t do you or her justice. Female Flow is here to tell you about the amazing, talented women who are currently following their dreams and passion for music. Tia London was introduced to us by our fellow friend, the Legendary Traxster and we instantly fell in love with her.
We introduced you to Tia London last year when she dropped “The Overdose” in November, a collaboration with the undeniably talented super producer Traxstar. The project made a couple people sit up in their chairs and had no choice but to respect the musicality and realness of it from Track 1 to the high energy “Drunk”.  You can literally play it from front to back which is very rare today. She relates to us ladies, she doesn’t try to over-stunt, she sings, she raps and she is just real about it. With this new video “Live it Up” is an upbeat and somewhat of a motivational anthem for those going through something. Definitely something to turn up and bang in the speakers. #FEMALEFLOWAPPROVED



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Teaser of Female Flow Vol. 6 hosted by @FigaDJ

We are excited and are beyond determined to release Female Flow Vol. 6 (The Reverbnation Edition) hosted by SwurvRadio.com‘s FigaDJ! The tracklist is fun and energetic with some pop, hiphop and straight emcees and artists who are down the FLOW. We had over 800 submissions with our “Get In The Flow” Contest on Reverbnation.com and want to thank everyone who participated, even the fellas that sent in music. Let us know what you think by hitting us up on @FemaleFlowMusic on twitter or leaving a comment here.