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#NEWALBUM from @SerenityakaTDB -“June Rush”


Performing on stage since the age of 5, playing over 7 instruments, reading and writing sheet music, there is no wonder that no 2 songs I make sound alike. Every note that you hear 99.9% of the time wrote and arranged it. I have been influenced by all genres and being exposed to a vast variety of music at an early age, left me with no fear to try “something new”. I am a fan of music first, so I listen to everyone who puts sound together well. It is not an easy thing to do, so I respect the craft first and then I create, making sure that it’s the best quality before it leaves the studio. I also take in all criticism, because I know at the end of the day fans go through a lot to support me, so I better make sure they get more than what they pay for! My resume speaks for itself and I am just glad I finally got this album out. I have made a reputation for myself amongst many novice artists as well as many majors that you have in your playlist right now, as being a hard worker, dedicated to making good products and always appreciating my fans.

With her highly anticipated debut album titled JUNE RUSH, Serenity is staying true to the versatility that her fans love. Everything from life lessons to night life, there is guaranteed a song for everyone! From the intense listener to the average music lover you can just press play

CLICK NOW to hear and BUYJUNE RUSH” by Serenity!!