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#FemaleFlow Vol. 6 hosted by Figa Dj has arrived

This one has been a journey! We embarked with our friends of Reverbnation to have a
GET IN THE FLOW CONTEST to look for the most talented ladies across the land  and we were completely overwhelmed with over 800+ submissions.The listening process takes hour upon hours as we wanted to give everyone a shot. Some had very poor sound quality, were incomplete works and even some gentleman submitted as well BUT through the fire we came out with some great artists.
Check it out, listen, download, re-blog, share with a friend and make sure you hit us up on twitter to let us know what you liked/disliked. Keep it constructive… @FemaleFlowMusic

S/O to FigaDj, SwurvRadio.com and Reverbnation for your patience and involvement in this project.

Female Flow Vol. 6 @FemaleFlowMusic



#3on3 by @RabbitD1 is Blazing!!


I am in love with this mixtape by Division 1’s Rabbit which I highly suggest you download HERE even though her song is on #FemaleFlow Vol. 6 there is more to hear from this feisty rap princess who has an impeccable grinding spirit. She is not afraid to put in the work, share her life and show us that she is about to run the DMV! We wish you well Ms. Rabbit and an official #SALUTE from Female Flow Staff!

Teaser of Female Flow Vol. 6 hosted by @FigaDJ

We are excited and are beyond determined to release Female Flow Vol. 6 (The Reverbnation Edition) hosted by SwurvRadio.com‘s FigaDJ! The tracklist is fun and energetic with some pop, hiphop and straight emcees and artists who are down the FLOW. We had over 800 submissions with our “Get In The Flow” Contest on Reverbnation.com and want to thank everyone who participated, even the fellas that sent in music. Let us know what you think by hitting us up on @FemaleFlowMusic on twitter or leaving a comment here.