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#BehindtheScenes with @NatalieKills for MissKL [Photoshoot for “Trouble”]

“Trouble. People would say I am trouble, I’m looking for trouble or whether trouble has just  been falling me around my entire life. That’s kind of the what the album is about….every glorious f*(k up.” ~ NKNK-1


NK-3From ditching boyfriends to swimming in diamonds, British pop artist Natalia Kills shows us a glimpse into her controversial life through her new album, “Trouble.” In this month’s This Miss KL, get to know how this rebellious teenager ran away from home to Hollywood to catch her big break.

#NEWMUSIC Natalie Kills “Problem”

New from UK’s bad girl, Natalie Kills comes a joint titled “Problem” where she says there is no redemption for a bad girl. We have shown you Ms. Kills before on Female Flow but if you missed it just do a search on the side…  From CherryTree Records this single is now available on iTunes.