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Overseas with @MissDjGlo as she turns out the Comedy Club!


What will happen when this super talented little lady becomes an adult? What a power house in the making. Of course if helps to be born into the hiphop lineage but it’s not mandatory. She is bi-lingual, dually talented if you count emcee & dj but don’t forget dancing and modeling. We are proud to post again about Miss DJ Glo who is definitely reppin for the ladies across the world. Keep up the good work and we look forward to having you in the States real soon!!


#Video – Miss Dj Glo “Shining” at 8 yrs old and counting!

Miss Dj Glo is SHINING at 8 years old and wants everyone else to shine as well… check this cute lil one who happens to be daughter of Dj Lordjazz.  She started Dj’ing at just 4 years old and spreading the positivity in her new video by turning everyday negative situations into a positive outcome. Off the Premium Records label and directed by Benjamin Putoud this song was Executive Produced by Lordjazz & Celine Colston. We take this glow of energy and pass it on to you…