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#NewVideo – @MirandaWritesMC “Knowledge of Self”


We live in a world where actions no longer have consequences, morality is no longer a reality, our youth are not supported to be a change and there is no longer any respect or value of a human life. With that being said; in every shadow of darkness there will be a presence of light. Embark with Miranda Writes as she flourishes our souls, cleanses our minds and awakens our third eye. To be wise, strong, certain & fight for the beauty in life is the definition of a true warrior.  “Knowledge of Self”

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Much Respect to Lost Tribes Zulu, Black UN, Stronghold Camp & the Universal Zulu Nation for their love & support.

#NewVideo – @MirandaWritesMc “Beauty and Beast”

“I am beauty, I am beast…”

Miranda Writes, yes she does and this is such an amazing message. Her candid, in your face lyrics will cut you straight through and then give you a hug. The beat produced by The Unbeatables is poetic with a touch of rock. She is honest. She is strong. She is transparent to a degree but leaves you wanting to hear more. “Beauty and Beast” is set in a natural setting from behind the mic to outside in the midst of the green trees shot by Jpaperz Productions. Make sure you check out more of her music and follow her on Twitter/@MirandaWritesMC~