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#NewMusic – @xtraordinaryann “When You Die”

Inspiration can come at any moment. Maryann decided she wanted to rework this Goldlink song on Friday (3/28/14). She came up with an idea for the concept, and N8 got to work on the beat. In this remake of Goldlink’s “When I Die”, Maryann reworks the song from a different perspective. Instead of focusing on her own demise, she points out how thinking about someones death can bring up such emotional reactions, negative or positive. This track is a sharp contrast to her playful last release #CookingForBae. Her Sophomore album “Futuristic Always” is set to release April 28th, it features Stones Throw artist Guilty Simpson, Devin The Dude and more.


#Video – Maryann “Make or Break Us” (Official Video)



Co-Written and Co-produced by N8 the Gr8 and  Maryann this melodic track about a relationship is  a new video from Maryann. The video was directed by N8 the Gr8 and edited by the very artist Maryann which includes some dope graphics, colors and simple/in your face visuals. The duo is currently working on a follow up project to “Timing is Everything” titled “Futuristic Always” expected early 2013. Current singles (with accompanying videos) from the project include “Shades of Grey” and “I Could Give A”. This album will also feature a few surprise guests, Devin the Dude being the first named.

One of our fav verses goes like this…
“share your dreams but keep a little mystery
don’t let them come between
remember that when you’re hearing things
don’t jump it off unless you hear it from me”#FF SALUTE

2018 UPDATE: this song has been removed, no further info is available at this time.