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#NewMusic – Dreezy ft. Common & Ross Augusta “No Good”

dreezy common

Common heard the “Chiraq” from our girl Dreezy and invited her to come on the radio with him… the outcome is a record titled, “No Good”. Check it out and make sure you follow her now on Twitter. #FemaleFlowApproved

Verse 1:

A heartbeat’s the perfect harmony
And pardon me but you became a part of me
Replace blood for your love in my arteries
Kind of drug they don’t sell up in the pharmacy
I told him I’m in pieces, he told me he took pottery
Scratchin’ exes off to win the lottery
You not on the TV but you a star to me
Cause you be scripted like a movie and it’s starring me
But still I rap for him til I gas out
Even though we been around like he got passed out
He like the thots on the block with they ass out
But like him find me with a nigga, he gon’ lash out
Got a soft [?] but grew up in the hood
Scared of commitment, rollin’ on the wood
Might just be bad but he make it feel good
Addicted I wouldn’t leave him if I could


#NewVideo – @3DNATEE – “We Made It” Remix

3dnatee 3dnatee B

In her own words, “I linked up with Quincy Scott, a 20 year old director/editor from New Orleans, for the visual that we shot back at home. It’s public knowledge that I recently signed a deal with Russell Simmons’ All Def Music record label backed with distribution from Universal Records. When people heard the news, naturally the expected me flash money on Instagram, go and purchase a new car, or do some other flashy shxt to prove that I recently reached a new tax bracket. And although I’m richer than I’ve ever been, that’s not the reason I feel like I made it. I’m still driving the same Dodge and drinking 3D Na’Tee Daiquiris instead of Dusse and Ace of Spades. “She Made It,” or at least she’s on her way to making it, because she did it her way. And that my friends, is the coldest feeling ever.”

07 I was pedaling dope out my Tahoe/
married to medicine like the chicks off of Bravo
Used to spend my days pducking 5.0
Now I be out in LA doing Tabo
Did a deal/ I’m worth but I’m still strapped though
I guess I gotta buy a chain and a whip according to the black folks
I guess I gotta do it for the gram/ for the cam/ and spend a stack?/ NO
What the phuck I look like?/ that ain’t what I rap for
But I did it/ yeah I did it
Started shxtting on these bxtches y’all thought I was kidding
Told universal cut the cut the check/ Think I got a victim
Now I’m doing everything that I envisioned
To my admission/ I ain’t never have a pot to piss in…


#NewVideo – Round & Round by @ZettlMarina

Marina Zettl of Austria,  who was recently picked to be on upcoming FemaleFlow , released the video for “ROUND & ROUND” at the beginning of the year which  is available on iTUNES now.  Onstage, Marina Zettl is a burst of energy who instantly captures the audience. She played at the Lancaster Music Festival, Jazzfest Vienna, Jazzsommer Graz, Jazz Festival Maribor and is featured in all the promo videos to AKG’s Perception Microphone Series.  The story of Marina Zettl’s is a story of escape. This is not as radical as it sounds; obviously, one does not want to collapse within routines, and needs to escape as soon as boredom takes over. We look forward to working with her and sharing the music of her and her band.


When I recall my childhood dreams
it all seems clear and bright
One day I will become for sure
a singer and a star.

Then I would have a million friends
the spotlight right on me
A cabriolet and a fancy house
right by the sea.

Suddenly I realize
I got lost along the way
too afraid to really try
´cause you taught me so.

Round and Round
I´m still here
still haven´t found
It turns out
to be the same old song
it´s all about
…head in the clouds

Round And Round
Round And Round
Round And Round
Round And Round

All of your presumptuous talk
still echoes in my head
“try it like this and act like that
and do as you are told!”.

You have drowned my dreams in fear
and filled my heart with doubt
“I´ve had enough, now you shut up,
all eyes on me”.