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#Event – Asylum Valentine’s Day Edition Tonight in NYC Sponsored by @FemaleFlowMusic

FEB FF Sponsored

ASYLUM Dance Party
A Safehouse for the Wild and Sexy
*Valentine’s Day Edition*

Friday February 14th, 2014
10pm – 4am

DJ Autograph + DJ Petra

hosted by…
Genesis Be

$5 for ladies, $10 for gentlemen

Sponsored by Female Flow Music Group, Birthplace Magazine, WNYU

For bottle & table reservations text/call (228) 383 5286.
Leave a message with your contact information.


#NEWMUSIC – @GenesisBe “Late Night Early Morn”

Genesis Be, Maxims FIERCE WOMAN OF JULY, is no stranger to Female Flow nor to many who might have picked up your local newspaper or logged onto yahoo music. She is a force, a voice who isn’t afraid to keep it real or controversial with all types of topics from tampons to relationships. Check the lasted “Late Night Early Morn” and follow her on twitter @GenesisBe


lnem genesis


Verse 1:
Hop up out the Jag with a bag full of walnuts
Cash flow steady so I’m ready when they roll up
She scoop me in a Bentley or Empala,
Flat screen droppin call it Autumn when it fall brah
Decapitate a snake when they crawl up
No wonder he be nervous when he call up
He know I’m bout my money never drama
He stiff, I’m bored, cut it short, saw dust.
My shawty thicker than the bible
She is not my girlfriend, she is my disciple
Disrespect me and she will turn into a psycho
Leave your body in a bag, labeled for recycle.
FUCK BOY, we will reuse you,
Leave you dogged out, Blues Clues
I’m layed back but I’m ratchet if I choose too
And being broke, that ain’t something that I’m used to

Late night, Early Morn
Take flight, Airborne
No sleep, non stop
Too deep, off top

Verse 2:
I’m the type of chick to make the money flip,
Fuck a rubber band, I keep a money clip
Keep it classy man these fakes be on some funny shit
On the sidelines talking while im runnin shit.
This is game day full court press,
More money more problems, less money more stress so…
So I’ma beat the odds, that’s why I speak to God
She know the streets are callin, so Ima eat regardless,
Shout out to New Orleans, Mississippi know I got it,
I blow they mind in Harlem, I be on my peak performance,
LA be on it too, ask them what they want to do,
Fly me out, put me up, black card, run it through

Late night, Early Morn
Take flight, Airborne
No sleep, non stop
Too deep, off top

I’m coming up , bank account blowing up,
Economy Is fuckin up,
Cold winter blowing up,
I guess its summer in my building,
I swear I’m gonna kill it till I’m winning makin’ millions
Don’t talk about it, Be about it, everybody dream
I fuck the crowd until they cum and every cream
Everybody seem like everybody keep a beam
In realitiy bout everybody pussy as they seem
Like General Petreaus, be careful who you votin’ for
These bitches will betray us,
They don’t give a fuck about you or anybody,
So we Democrat the End of that, republican party (plat, Plat)
But me I’m going green, grab a triple beam,
Blow up on the scene and make a liberal supreme
They say I live a dream, but I don’t even sleep
I take a nap in the studio, wake up to this beat.

Late night, Early Morn
Take flight, Airborne
No sleep, non stop
Too deep, off top

Did you see #FemaleFlow artist @GENESISBE in the LA Times? Maybe the Village Voice?

We are so proud to announce that our very own Genesis Be’s new video has been featured by The LA TIMES and The Village Voice! Please check out the links below and share widely. This is her biggest press to date and we’d like to thank you all who have continued to support her and FemaleFlow.com! READ ON READERS….




“For six years, Mississippi-born MC Genesis Be has stood out as an inimitable presence in the New York underground hip-hop scene. Arriving in 2007 when outsiders were still often faced with resistance, she’s stood her ground and carved out a niche as one of the most heard female voices in the New York indie-ground. In preparation for the release of her new album Genesequa, she’s dropped her latest single “Tampons and Tylenol.” We spoke to Genesis about the song as a feminist statement as well as her reservations as an artist……” click to read more!

The Village Voice: GENESIS BE’s Declaration of Women’s Power by Chaz Kangas

“Genesis explained the birth of the title to Sound of the City: “My friend and I were at the convenience store looking for tampons and I was upset that I couldn’t find tampons or Tylenol. Going back and forth, I thought they should just package them together. My friend began singing those words together.”……read on~

The L.A. Times: Essential Tracks: GENESIS BE by Randall Roberts

#SALUTETHEQUEENS II Event has moved to May 11th


Female Flow Presents

MAY 11th, 2013

Saturday an all female event promoting some of today’s most under-rated and talented women in the music industry.
Starting at 9pm and going until 2am we will have emcees, singers, djs and more to bring you a night of WOW and entertainment in conjunction w/ SNC (Society Needs Culture)

We will be at
Jersey City, NJ


Rocking the mic so far we have…



Born and raised in Passaic County, New Jersey, Justina grew up surrounded by music. Justina’s hip hop infused pop music is clearly a voice for the rebellious youth and her distinctive, raspy tone is hard to miss. Her strong and sometimes abrasive character, along with her fun-loving personality, is evident in tracks like the JR Rotem and Shy Boogs produced “Gangsta” and the Mr. Lee produced “Gloves Off”.

An avid supporter of writing her own music, Justina is a breath of fresh air in an industry where an artist’s point of view is sometimes hidden. Justina’s original composition, “Gotta Make a Change”, was selected for ShopRite’s Partners in Caring ‘Expressions of Hunger’ national contest and she was featured on the back of General Mill’s Cheerios box in September 2010. She has performed at numerous venues including The Market America International Conventions in Miami, FL and Greensboro, NC (for crowds of 30k), The Susan G. Komen for the Cure ‘Babes Burnin’ Rubber’ breast cancer benefit at Motorsports Park Millville, NJ, The China Club, 40/40, and the Atlantic City’s Pepsi Car Show. Justina’s music has also been featured on popular television shows such as NBC’S Steven Spielberg directed “Smash”, VH1’s “Mob Wives”, Oxygen Network’s “Runnin Russell Simmons”, and MTV’s “True Life”. Her video, ‘Hard to the Body’, recently appeared on Spike TV’s “Top 100 YouTube Videos”.


From Mississippi this now NYU graduate currently resides in Brooklyn and is working non-stop to promote her album by street teaming and performances. So far, Genesis Be has blessed the stage at The Blue Note, Webster Hall, The Knitting Factory,The Magic Johnson Theater, Sullivan Hall, The Bowery Poetry, Sin Sin Freestyle Mondays, Crash Mansion, The National Underground and the XR Bar among others. She was recently a featured artist for Shady 45’s “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” and received a score of 4.75 on a scale of 1 to 5. She was also featured in The Washington Square News, Student Maximus Magazine and numerous blogs including Buzzfeed.com.

Genesis Be just finished recording her 5th studio project “Jenesequa”, which she plans to release late summer. Her first single, “Don’t Touch” has been well received among the underground strip club scene in MS and Louisiana as well as YouTube consumers, garnishing over 23k within the first two weeks of release. Be, who is affiliated with SESAC publishing, is currently seeking management and shopping “Jenesequa” to labels and sponsors.


 J Sass & Cee Cee

J. SASS & CEE CEE formed a movement called #TRMZ which stand for  TRU REAL MA. A movement to inspire women to follow their dreams. J. SASS & CEE CEE are both solo artists but colab a lot together to show unity in womanhood. J SASS is the more social  one who brings lots of energy,whose a crowd grabber with sassiness like no other to the stage, while CEE CEE bringds the strong demeanor sexy voice with raw lyrics. They are both dope artists but together they are invisible. Most compare them to the new Salt & Pepper or the females Styles P & Jada Kiss of Hiphop. A pair to keep a look out for is these lovely and talented ladies, J.SASS & CEE CEE.  Both born and raised in Jersey City, NJ they are holding it down for the queens in New Jersey.     



Sky-Lyn is a young Puerto Rican artist, born into street credibility from the rough streets of Passaic, New Jersey. She is no stranger to the dangers of the streets. Sky-Lyn had one thing to get through rough times and that was her passion for singing. As a child, she would often try to out sing sing-alongs. At the age of three she knew singing was her passion when she caught a fit because she wanted to sing the “Day-O” (the banana boat song).

Since then the crowds just got bigger. While singing in central park at eight years old she was discovered by the Sally Jesse Raphael show. Sky-Lyn was ahead of her time. The list of notables that she has worked with grew tremendously including Celia Cruz, La India, Brenda K Starr, Cam’ron, Tank, Gucci Mane, and Vado, just to name a few. She has sung for political events which enabled her to meet Christy Whitman, Hillary Clinton, and other political figures.












Each Tee is different and unique…

S/O to Syn from Street Poet Tees for hooking us up!

#Events: VMB’s Tribute to Women in Hiphop “All Hail The Queen”

We had so much fun on Friday at the Bronx Museum of Arts at Video Music Box’s tribute event. It was an RSVP only event that was packed to the rim to honor those that came before us and to celebrate the ladies coming up. From the reception to the dialogue they discussed the history, the struggles and the accomplishments of women with the special guest speakers including Dj Mecca and Kim Osorio. The young, talented performers each picked a queen of hiphop to honor… Ms. NeNe Ali chose MC Lyte and killed it. Ms. Toni Steelz brought her comprade Staxx Codero up to the stage when they saluted Queen Latifah. Then Ms. Deja from PA sang her heart out for Lauryn Hill. A Female Flow Vet, Genesis Be, did 5 songs to pay homage to Missy Elliot and to finish it off KIng Gypsi and Mo Brown danced and rhymed their bum off to Salt n Pepa! Everyone did a great job and we thank you Uncle Ralph for taking time out to share with us a moment in the spotlight. Now about that classic footage of…














Did you hear that #FemaleFlow Vol. 2 yet?

Here you go….. Female Flow Vol. 2

1.Cheri Dennis- Flight
2.Wish- Suga Daddy
3.Sonie Feat MC Lyte- My House
4.Wish- Feel Ur Beat
5.Nikkie Lynette- Shut The F Up,B Boy
6.Lah Tere- You Are
7.Nikkie Lynette ft. Pugz Atomz- Walk Away
8.J. Lo ft. Lil Wayne- Im So Into U
9.K. Michelle ft. Akon- MP3
10.Ebonee’- THESIS
11.Genesis Be- At A Standstill
12.Lyn Carter- We Know
13.Patwa- Roll Up (Freestyle)
15.Cheri Dennis- Lets Get Down