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#NewMusic – Have a piece of #RedVelvet compliments of @JustinaMusic

justina redvelvet justina redvelvetcover justina studio

Have your cake and eat it too. The highly anticipated mixtape from the red headed, fiery songstress/emcee Justina Valentine offers listeners a mouth watering selection of eclectic music for all tastes. Red Velvet boasts production from Grammy award winning producers Infamous, Shy Boogs, Ricky Blaze, The Heatmakerz, & The Colleagues, along with a feature from platinum selling recording artist, Maino. It’s a one of a kind project from a wildly unique & talented artist whose skill set is something quite impressive and unseen by any artist out.



#NewMusic – @xtraordinaryann “When You Die”

Inspiration can come at any moment. Maryann decided she wanted to rework this Goldlink song on Friday (3/28/14). She came up with an idea for the concept, and N8 got to work on the beat. In this remake of Goldlink’s “When I Die”, Maryann reworks the song from a different perspective. Instead of focusing on her own demise, she points out how thinking about someones death can bring up such emotional reactions, negative or positive. This track is a sharp contrast to her playful last release #CookingForBae. Her Sophomore album “Futuristic Always” is set to release April 28th, it features Stones Throw artist Guilty Simpson, Devin The Dude and more.


#NewRemix – @JustinaMusic “My B!tches” feat. Da Brat, Babs & Vita

I mean, need we say more…? Don’t say there aren’t female artists out here, “All my bitches on deck, standing on the frontline coming for your neck, grenades ready to explode, pest control for you cockroaches, I suggest you respect us before you approach us, any other method is hopeless…” states Da Brat on her verse. This is an exclusive “She-Mix” with Babs, Vita, Da Brat and our girl Justina so make sure you download, play it and share it!


[New Video] “Schizophrenia” by @DreezyDreezy

I heard her before but the track “Schizophrenia” pulled me in immediately!
Dreezy, out of Chicago, pours her emotions out on this song produced by D. Brooks.
She recently dropped the video for it directed by @WhoIsHiDef.  Her mixtape Schizo is doing some numbers & I highly suggest you give her a few minutes of your time!

“I’m lost, I need directions, been running from the truth I’m out of breath I need a second, But I just smile like nothing wrong because until I find myself, I’m just a perfect song.”

[New Music] @ItsKayeFox featuring YP – “Used To Love You”

kaye fox 

Kaye Fox will drop her debut EP, Hear I Am in April 2014. The project is said to be raw emotion over raw production, fusing her unique blend of R&B/Soul and Hip Hop. Not only is Hear I Am written almost entirely by Kaye, but she also co-produced all of the songs on the EP along with her team, Emmaculate & Shebazz Curtis. This single, “Used To Love You” features rising Chicago Hip Hop artist YP of Universal Republic… and stay tuned, video dropping soon!

[New Mixtape] @Tri_Eighty – “FromThen2Now”

TREA Cover

Straight out of Dallas, Texas is Ms. Tri-Eighty who just dropped her newest mixtape… We have dubbed her the “Keisha Cole of Rap” because she has something some just don’t or if they do they don’t share it the way she does and that is a STORY that many can identify with. Growing up in the streets with a father in and out of jail Tri-Eighty like myself hung out with friends while her single mom worked to keep a roof over her head. From trouble-maker to redemption: Tri Eighty eventually found God and you can feel the God and the Gangsta all through out this mixtape. There are moments when you feel that spiritual/reality struggle that 2Pac  had in his rhymes. Not glorifying it just telling her story and not trying to be hard or someone she isn’t… just keeping it 100!!

DOWNLOAD >> #FromThen2Now

#Music by @JustSZA “S” is purely enchanting a must listen.

The beginning sentence of her bio is, “SZA envelopes your soul at first listen.” and we couldn’t agree more. From one of our favorite go-to guys/gals for fresh and new talent, NOISEY …was this beautiful creature who will touched our souls. They recently shared their thoughts about her stating,  “A pitch-perfect blend of glowering, boomy beats, fluttering synths, and SZA’s luxuriant tones, the St. Louis-born singer messes with R&B and serves it up fresh.”

You can’t help but get absorbed into her world. This Maplewood native is natural and he project titled ‘S’ is a must download to anyone who appreciates relaxing and melodic music.

sza pink

Track List:

01. Castles [Prod. by Felix Snow]
02. TERROR.DOME [Prod. by Waren Vaughn]
04. THE ODYSSEY [Interlude Prod. by BrandUn DeShay]
05. PRAY [Prod. by Felix Snow]
06. ICE.MOON [Prod. by Felix Snow & Patrick Lukens]
07. WINGS [Prod. by Patrick Lukens]
08. KISMET [Outro Prod. by Zodiac]

DL: http://youtu.be/C82frmjbw5Q


#NewRelease – @RapsodyMusic’s “She Got Game” hosted by DJ DRAMA

Press Play. Ok. Let Go. Sit Back. Listen. Do not attempt to press forward, feel free to press rewind, might be mandatory in order to completely feel these lyrics. This is real hiphop my friends. Rapsody‘s newest project presented by Gangsta Grillz is a mixtape titled “She Got Game” featuring the likes of 9th Wonder, Common, Jay ELectronica, Chance The Rapper, Mac Miller, DJ Premier, and many more. As she claims “Jamla for Life” I can’t help but feel completely happy for this artist to have found a home that allows her to be great. Music these days seems to be somewhat forced or rushed even half-assed but we have yet to find something from 9th Wonder’s name on it that is any of the aforementioned. We love Rapsody as may have read before here on FemaleFlow but if we didn’t convince you the first time shame on you. Fortunately you have another chance…. so SHOOT!



rapsody shegotgame

The Original FEMALE FLOW

This is where it ALL started… a project from an idea and a passion for female artists Missy B launched Female Flow Music Series! Check it out and remember it’s #Undeniable