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#DMV is downright dangerous…

Where did all these “Bad Bitches” come from? Now we don’t like to be called a bitch outright but to some of us it’s a term of endearment amongst ourselves so fellas step off… but the DMV has found some of their lyrical queens and put them all in one video. From @JetFuturistic to @Shennekia to @Sheiladyeah to @GottiMonroe to @TheeAvaHovanka to @NightRunners to @SkylaOrtega to @HeavenoOneEarth to @BluePradaa to @AyeYoSmiley to @IamJessiKay to @BosssyBitchh to @SheenThis to @PinkMoet202 to @Lay_Suave to @Stackz_NoChange you can’t tell us that there isn’t at least one of these ladies you don’t like! There is every single type of chic, every style and every kind of flow in this cypher. We salute KnoEffort for putting it together, for seeing the vision and for letting the world know that the female emcee is far from dead but more on the verge of exploding in your mouth. I know we are a little late at putting this one up but we working over here…




#3on3 by @RabbitD1 is Blazing!!


I am in love with this mixtape by Division 1’s Rabbit which I highly suggest you download HERE even though her song is on #FemaleFlow Vol. 6 there is more to hear from this feisty rap princess who has an impeccable grinding spirit. She is not afraid to put in the work, share her life and show us that she is about to run the DMV! We wish you well Ms. Rabbit and an official #SALUTE from Female Flow Staff!