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“Saturday” is the new hot day of the week thanks to @StephieLecor’ s new single!

Dj Khaled’s We The Best Music released new music from the labels first lady Steph Lecor titled “Saturday” and it is something that just might turn the clubs upside down this summer.
It is bold, independent and something for the ladies. The 808’s kick nicely. Her voice isn’t annoying which many people complain about when it comes to females emcees. But one thing that stood out to us was something she posted up on her social media lately.

She stated, “The moment you realize chasing your dreams chased away all the friends you thought u had… .”

Now anyone who has pursued something wholeheartedly knows that some friends just can’t hold on for the ride. Not everyone understands the sacrifices that have to be made or the fact that you have commitments outside of them. But what we do know is how fast they come back once you do reach that level of success. Our advice to Ms. Lecor is to keep her circle small, nose to the grindstone and we are almost positive this young, bright star will come out on TOP! We look forward to what she has in store. We welcome the First Lady of We The Best to #FemaleFlow!

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