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New #video by Ms. Lore’l “Good Life”

“living the good life, the things I’m doing wrong can’t be wrong cuz they feel right, right where I belong in the spotlight…”

Lore’l has been on #FemaleFlow before for those of you who are still learning the movement and we constantly look for her stuff so when this popped up we were excited to say the least. She is cute in “an around the way girl” kind of way. She is genuine and when you meet her she is very cool, very posh and unique in her own right. Her latest video shot by Taya Simmons Productions features NYC Radio’s own Ms. Angela Yee of the Breakfast Club. It’s full of color and a few lyrics that might just whip yo ass…”my ex men screaming front row at my shows, isn’t it ironic now I’m iconic but I can’t kick chronic, crazy I don’t know none of my limits till I find em, talk a gang of shit but I still pay homage..”