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#Interview – Exclusive with @ItsKayeFox as she drops -Here I Am- today!!

kaye fox apr14


Really not much we can say here except for LISTEN to the interview as Kaye Fox talks about her upbringing in Chicago, her favorite music inspirations and what really got her writing seriously. You don’t want to miss on ‘who’ Kaye Fox is and what she has been doing for the past few years. “We can manifest our destinies” #FemaleFlow


#FemaleFlow DVD coming soon…. are you ready?



This is only the beginning and the first one is a compilation of videos of nothing but indie female artists but the future of our DVDs will entail interviews, behind the scenes as well as live coverage from some of the hottest stages in the world.

We look forward to getting your video submissions and make sure you send us your links via email or on twitter @femaleflowmusic (

We accept ALL music genres but please only send professional videos… best foot forward!

Happy New Year,



#FemaleFlow is more than just a mixtape…

Female Flow Vol. 6 is crazy but don’t forget Vol. 5,4,3,2 and the classic Vol. 1! We are here, not going anywhere and there is no competition. Our vision is beyond, the pieces are coming together and we love those that love & support the movement of helping ladies grow, show and know that we have their back. All genres not just hiphop, not just emcees, we support ALL women in this industry.

If you have something that you want us to push send us an email to and this also includes female Djs, Producers, Stylists, Designers, Photographers, Authors… etc.


#FemaleFlow Vol. 6 shoots off like a rocketship!

Over the last 24 hours #FemaleFlow Vol. 6 has been featured on,, and and we had over 2K hits in the first hour on DatCrack!! We are so proud of our ladies and the work that our loyal supporters are putting in for us.

We want to say salute to all that have shared, downloaded and listened to our music series! Make sure you follow us on twitter for the latest updates and so we can follow back and support you!





@FemaleFlowMusic’s Volume Four

Various Artists – Female Flow Vol4 Hosted by at


1. Lyric Da Queen- Take Notes
2 Sky Lynn Feat Hynie-f Mentality
3 Chella H- Baby Daddy Prod Zaytoven
4 Jha Jha Feat Gee Tee- Otis Remix
5 Killa Kim- Cold War
6 Met Bronson- Bitch Dont Start It
7 B Lee & Dun- Bad Guy
8 Nina Foxx- Chapter 1
9 Implicit- Killin It Prod J Remy
10 Iyadonna- Im On One Remix
11 Shawnna & GMG Girls- Throwed Off
12 Killa Kim- Hater Recipe
13 Dutchess DD- LeftEye Back
14 Chyinna Wyte- Ship Em Out
15 Lola Monroe- Run This World
16 L Streetz -Greatness
17 ReDoubleD- Crazy Life
18 Lady Luck- No Friend Of Mine
19 Met Bronson- In Charge Prod Guap Guap Boi Productions

@FemaleFlowMusic’s Volume 3


1.Natasha Mosely Feat.Gucci Mane-Pretty Girl
2.India Blonde-Im Back
3.Jha Jha-Way I Move
4.J Sass Cee Cee Feat.NY-Grinding
5.Iyadonna-Coke Dope
6.Shawnna Presents GMG Girls-Lap Dance
7.B.Lee feat.D.U.N. Ramessess D.-TroubleMakers
8.Lore’l-Make It Pop
9.Chella H.-Ballin (Remix)
10.Brianna-Fly Kicks
11.Temper Feat.Mz Ross Crystal Lajuiene
12.Iyadonna-Hottest Fire
13.Honey S.-Off The 9
14.Lore’l-Throwed Off
15.Shawnna Feat. Trina-Big Booty Judy (Remix)
16.Stacie Banks-Imma Stunt
17.India Blonde Feat.Misha-Stop The Games

#FemaleFlow Vol. 6 hosted by Figa Dj has arrived

This one has been a journey! We embarked with our friends of Reverbnation to have a
GET IN THE FLOW CONTEST to look for the most talented ladies across the land  and we were completely overwhelmed with over 800+ submissions.The listening process takes hour upon hours as we wanted to give everyone a shot. Some had very poor sound quality, were incomplete works and even some gentleman submitted as well BUT through the fire we came out with some great artists.
Check it out, listen, download, re-blog, share with a friend and make sure you hit us up on twitter to let us know what you liked/disliked. Keep it constructive… @FemaleFlowMusic

S/O to FigaDj, and Reverbnation for your patience and involvement in this project.

Female Flow Vol. 6 @FemaleFlowMusic



Teaser of Female Flow Vol. 6 hosted by @FigaDJ

We are excited and are beyond determined to release Female Flow Vol. 6 (The Reverbnation Edition) hosted by‘s FigaDJ! The tracklist is fun and energetic with some pop, hiphop and straight emcees and artists who are down the FLOW. We had over 800 submissions with our “Get In The Flow” Contest on and want to thank everyone who participated, even the fellas that sent in music. Let us know what you think by hitting us up on @FemaleFlowMusic on twitter or leaving a comment here.

#Download @FemaleFlowMusic’s Volume 5 hosted by Lady Jay Diamond

 Download Female Flow Vol. 5


01 Jay Diamond – Bang Your Drum
02 Diana Floss – Make Some Noise In Here
03 Lady Cash – Drinks on Deck
04 Hazel E – Pop My Butt
05 Karma Redz – Take Off
06 Ruin ft. MC Lyte – Ready 2 Party
07 Ms. Jemiah Jai – Knots
08 Lady Cash – Start It Up Freestyle
09 Outspoken ft. Redman – State Your Name
10 Outspoken – Wasted
11 Scarlet Fever – Dizrespectful
12 Epiphany ft. Miss Big Body – When You See Me
13 Hazel E ft. Slim Thug – Strip
14 Shawna Pat – Stray To The Game
15 Leah Beabout – Don’t Give It Away (remix)
16 Keziah – The Alter produced by Illmind
17 Toni Monroe – I’m Okay
18 Neon Love – Toodles To You
19 Ashley Logan – Watch Me

Did you hear that #FemaleFlow Vol. 2 yet?

Here you go….. Female Flow Vol. 2

1.Cheri Dennis- Flight
2.Wish- Suga Daddy
3.Sonie Feat MC Lyte- My House
4.Wish- Feel Ur Beat
5.Nikkie Lynette- Shut The F Up,B Boy
6.Lah Tere- You Are
7.Nikkie Lynette ft. Pugz Atomz- Walk Away
8.J. Lo ft. Lil Wayne- Im So Into U
9.K. Michelle ft. Akon- MP3
10.Ebonee’- THESIS
11.Genesis Be- At A Standstill
12.Lyn Carter- We Know
13.Patwa- Roll Up (Freestyle)
15.Cheri Dennis- Lets Get Down