Daily Archives: September 11, 2013


Jersey City, NJ has tons of talent from decades to present day and one that stands out is J Sass! She is relentless, fun, spunky, consistent and of course sassy. We have followed Sass to shows and had her perform on Salute the Queens events as well. This new track is her flowing over a dope bassed out beat that will rock your speakers… “if you ain’t moving, get the eff out the way!”


#NewVideo – @Oraclejd “Didn’t Know” and “Not Her”

This is the first of two visuals for Oracle’s new album ‘Anatomy‘. This Californian asks her fans to grab some wine, sit back and relax as she soothes and shares her soft sultry vibes. Filmed by MIA Entertainment this video is a dual treat of love, seduction and real life. Check it out and make sure you follow her on twitter!

#NewMusic – @NikkiLynette “Sometimes”

Check out the new song from Chicago’s Ms. Nikki Lynette which is available  on iTunes so support our girl! This song features musicians Matt Longbons on bass and Electric guitar by Geoff Siebold. Lyrics are all of Nikki Lynette as well as some of the production whom she worked with Matt Hennessey on.

“Sometimes you just need somebody there when you get home…. sometimes you don’t want to be alone…”nikilynette sometimes