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#PLAYNOW – @Anjulie “Stand Behind the Music”


MTV Award Nominated, Ontario lady Anjulie said she was an isolated child growing up due to “racial ambiguity” which drove to to write. Later she decided to embrace her differences and was driven to “carve her own niche”. It’s the struggles and trials that make us who we are… celebrate your individuality!!

“The same ole song, you won’t last long if you can’t stand behind the music, all the fame, all the girls, all the money in this world, don’t mean sh!t, better admit if you can’t stand behind the music… “




Check out her new song “You and I”

#NewMusic – Phoenix ft. @LeeMazin “RunDown”

Philadelphia resident & Boston native, Phoenix drops the offical remix to her single “RunDown” that has been buzzing all across the country via SuperBowl Champion Raheem Brock‘s BeastModez Entertainment Label. It features the newest signee to Meek Mill‘s DreamChasers Imprint Ms. LeeMazin. We have followed and supported Lee Mazin from day ONE! This track has Beyonce feel to it with a twist of Kelly Rowland… we love it! S/O to LeeMazin for her bars…and make sure you download Phoenix’s 808 & High Heels!




#NewVideo – @IamTiaLondon “Aaliyah Tribute”


We love Tia London. If you don’t know then you haven’t really been in tune with Female Flow. Her last project The Overdose was hands down our favorite album of 2012 along with our girl Rapsody’s ‘The Idea of Beautiful‘. This latest video released from Tia London is a tribute to the late and never forgotten Ms. Aaliyah. The scene is in a airplane hanger which sends an uneasiness when you think back to the images of Aaliyah’s crash site. We lost an angel that day who left us an amazing catalog of music & memories. We salute you Tia for taking the time to properly remember an amazing inspiration.



2018 UPDATE: TIA LONDON HAS SINCE REMOVED THIS VIDEO, we hope she brings it back!

#BehindtheScenes with @NatalieKills for MissKL [Photoshoot for “Trouble”]

“Trouble. People would say I am trouble, I’m looking for trouble or whether trouble has just  been falling me around my entire life. That’s kind of the what the album is about….every glorious f*(k up.” ~ NKNK-1


NK-3From ditching boyfriends to swimming in diamonds, British pop artist Natalia Kills shows us a glimpse into her controversial life through her new album, “Trouble.” In this month’s This Miss KL, get to know how this rebellious teenager ran away from home to Hollywood to catch her big break.

#WorldPremier – @JustinaMusic “Lord, Have Mercy”

Justina, is one of the very few artists who has been able to piece together bits of inspiration that range from artists like The Beatles, to 2Pac and back around to her father who is also an accomplished musician and vocalist. She has the ability to create a sound unlike any of her competitors, and that is what gives her that star factor.

The young songstress, songwriter and rapper has made such an impact on those who have encountered her music, that her original songs have been featured on major television shows such as: NBC’s Smash, VH1’s Mob Wives, MTV’s True Life and the CW11. Aside from major television placement, Justina has also been a guest on MTV’s Rap Fix with Sway and RCA recording artist Travis Porter, as well as one of Spike TV’s Top 100 YouTube Videos for her hit single “Hard to the Body”.

Her raspy, yet beautifully toned vocals, paired with her edgy style and outgoing personality is what has brought Justina to the forefront of her musical class. Always moving forward, she is going to be hitting us with her brand new EP Valentine which consists of 6 tracks, produced by multi-platinum producers, Shy Boogs, Infamous and The Heatmakerz.

As a little preview of what we can expect off of Justina’s upcoming EP, Valentine which drops on September 30th, we are happy to bring you “Lord Have Mercy”, a sexy, soulful musical piece that brings her edgy persona to life.


justina lordhave mercy

justina lordhave mercy2



justina bittersend



Jersey City, NJ has tons of talent from decades to present day and one that stands out is J Sass! She is relentless, fun, spunky, consistent and of course sassy. We have followed Sass to shows and had her perform on Salute the Queens events as well. This new track is her flowing over a dope bassed out beat that will rock your speakers… “if you ain’t moving, get the eff out the way!”


#NewVideo – @Oraclejd “Didn’t Know” and “Not Her”

This is the first of two visuals for Oracle’s new album ‘Anatomy‘. This Californian asks her fans to grab some wine, sit back and relax as she soothes and shares her soft sultry vibes. Filmed by MIA Entertainment this video is a dual treat of love, seduction and real life. Check it out and make sure you follow her on twitter!

#NewMusic – @NikkiLynette “Sometimes”

Check out the new song from Chicago’s Ms. Nikki Lynette which is available  on iTunes so support our girl! This song features musicians Matt Longbons on bass and Electric guitar by Geoff Siebold. Lyrics are all of Nikki Lynette as well as some of the production whom she worked with Matt Hennessey on.

“Sometimes you just need somebody there when you get home…. sometimes you don’t want to be alone…”nikilynette sometimes

#NEWMUSIC – @NatalieOrlie “Never Stay Alone” #EDM

We LOVE Natalie Orlie and this new joint is so sick… to all of our trance and progressive house lovers this is for you!  This former opera singer is taking over Europe and now the US.
Click play, turn it up and dance like no one is watching!!! Make sure you follow her on twitter..

Natalie Orlie Never Stay alone by Natalie Orlie on Mixcloud