#NEWMUSIC – @GenesisBe “Late Night Early Morn”

Genesis Be, Maxims FIERCE WOMAN OF JULY, is no stranger to Female Flow nor to many who might have picked up your local newspaper or logged onto yahoo music. She is a force, a voice who isn’t afraid to keep it real or controversial with all types of topics from tampons to relationships. Check the lasted “Late Night Early Morn” and follow her on twitter @GenesisBe


lnem genesis


Verse 1:
Hop up out the Jag with a bag full of walnuts
Cash flow steady so I’m ready when they roll up
She scoop me in a Bentley or Empala,
Flat screen droppin call it Autumn when it fall brah
Decapitate a snake when they crawl up
No wonder he be nervous when he call up
He know I’m bout my money never drama
He stiff, I’m bored, cut it short, saw dust.
My shawty thicker than the bible
She is not my girlfriend, she is my disciple
Disrespect me and she will turn into a psycho
Leave your body in a bag, labeled for recycle.
FUCK BOY, we will reuse you,
Leave you dogged out, Blues Clues
I’m layed back but I’m ratchet if I choose too
And being broke, that ain’t something that I’m used to

Late night, Early Morn
Take flight, Airborne
No sleep, non stop
Too deep, off top

Verse 2:
I’m the type of chick to make the money flip,
Fuck a rubber band, I keep a money clip
Keep it classy man these fakes be on some funny shit
On the sidelines talking while im runnin shit.
This is game day full court press,
More money more problems, less money more stress so…
So I’ma beat the odds, that’s why I speak to God
She know the streets are callin, so Ima eat regardless,
Shout out to New Orleans, Mississippi know I got it,
I blow they mind in Harlem, I be on my peak performance,
LA be on it too, ask them what they want to do,
Fly me out, put me up, black card, run it through

Late night, Early Morn
Take flight, Airborne
No sleep, non stop
Too deep, off top

I’m coming up , bank account blowing up,
Economy Is fuckin up,
Cold winter blowing up,
I guess its summer in my building,
I swear I’m gonna kill it till I’m winning makin’ millions
Don’t talk about it, Be about it, everybody dream
I fuck the crowd until they cum and every cream
Everybody seem like everybody keep a beam
In realitiy bout everybody pussy as they seem
Like General Petreaus, be careful who you votin’ for
These bitches will betray us,
They don’t give a fuck about you or anybody,
So we Democrat the End of that, republican party (plat, Plat)
But me I’m going green, grab a triple beam,
Blow up on the scene and make a liberal supreme
They say I live a dream, but I don’t even sleep
I take a nap in the studio, wake up to this beat.

Late night, Early Morn
Take flight, Airborne
No sleep, non stop
Too deep, off top

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