#NewVideo – by @NarubiSelah “Gun Law”

“It was put in there so that citizens would have the ability if their government became oppressive they could defend themselves against oppressive government…” Jessie Ventura


Narubi Selah has released her second video this year directed by Alexey Wind  titled “Gun Law” (produced by Jess Wess) which we love and feel the timing is impeccable as recent discussions have escalated in communities, amongst government, lawmakers due to violent acts by police & citizens. Either innocent or guilty we are entitled to a fair trial before persecution and especially death. So many of our young men and women are being murdered more and more by the hands of those who are paid to “protect” us. Whether you feel or agree that we have a right to bear arms this video with definitely spark a conversation about the direction of our lives as our day by day our rights are being stripped. Brooklyn based, Narubi Selah is a teacher, Dean of Students and carries 2 Master Degrees so behind her lyrics is not only wisdom but an undeniable intelligence that few emcees carry. She is about her community, her word and hiphop…. SALUTE!

narubi-gun narubi-gun2 narubi-gun3


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