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#Exclusive New Video from @DutchRebelleFN “Ammo” right now on

DUTCH REBELLE……We feel like that’s all we have to say, but some of you just don’t know who she is yet. “Ammo”, the follow up to Dutch Rebelle’s “Sunday Morning” is a motivational record comparing courage and strength to ammunition. Produced by Touch N Play and directed by Seba Films this dark video turns the coin on the fellas as the ladies set a new mark. As a friendly game of pool turns into a kidnapping, we bet that another villain won’t mess around in this town. Garnishing the Haitian flag Dutch Rebelle is not an emcee to mess with. Straight out of Boston she has shown us nothing but quality work since we have met her.

ReBelle has opened up for big name artists, such as, The Wu Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, Melanie Fiona, and Cam’ron. In 2011, ReBelle released her debut mixtape, “Beauty vs. The Beast”. Within the same year, ReBelle was part of the Boston Phoenix’s “Freshmen Hip Hop Class”. She won at the New England Urban Music Awards in the category of Best Female Hip Hop; along with FN, winning for Best Group. She was invited to perform at nationwide concerts like, the 2nd Annual Female Hip Hop Honors in Los Angeles.  In 2012, ReBelle released her debut EP “Married to the Music”. The EP was very well received. The Boston Globe called her “The ReBelle with A Cause” in an October edition of the highly respected newspaper. Nationwide performance requests began to flow in, such as the SWSX (South by Southwest) annual concert in Austin, Texas.  She is currently in the process of completing her debut album, Vodou.


dutchvid3>>click pic for video<<

We have tees!!! Get your Official #FemaleFlow gear to wear anytime…



We have had a couple shirts circulating around NYC and NJ but now you can get them online with our partners Stack or Starve Attire! We have two designs available online so support the #1 movement that is supporting indie female artists. Don’t forget to check out the other SOS Clothing as well as our guys over at #USH! Clothing who they collaborated with.

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Catch our favorite J Sass and RnB April supporting the cause!

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Salute the Queens IV is coming…who is performing? Do you have your tickets?


We are on our 4th installment of SALUTE THE QUEENS and we are super excited! We stay excited don’t we? Well if your not excited to do your own then you should just stop what your doing and join us. This month we will have some more amazingly talented ladies gracing the stage at Jordans Lounge in Jersey City, NJ which is just minutes from NYC.

Tickets are only $10 and all money from our events, t-shirts and dvds go straight back into Female Flow. 100%!! This month we will have the 1st Female Flow DVD available for purchase and viewing as well as Stack or Starve Founder Dough from da Go in the building with us.


For tickets and to see who has been announced so far go to

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We look forward to seeing you there…

and to get involved send music, links, pics or business info to


Did you see #FemaleFlow artist @GENESISBE in the LA Times? Maybe the Village Voice?

We are so proud to announce that our very own Genesis Be’s new video has been featured by The LA TIMES and The Village Voice! Please check out the links below and share widely. This is her biggest press to date and we’d like to thank you all who have continued to support her and! READ ON READERS….




“For six years, Mississippi-born MC Genesis Be has stood out as an inimitable presence in the New York underground hip-hop scene. Arriving in 2007 when outsiders were still often faced with resistance, she’s stood her ground and carved out a niche as one of the most heard female voices in the New York indie-ground. In preparation for the release of her new album Genesequa, she’s dropped her latest single “Tampons and Tylenol.” We spoke to Genesis about the song as a feminist statement as well as her reservations as an artist……” click to read more!

The Village Voice: GENESIS BE’s Declaration of Women’s Power by Chaz Kangas

“Genesis explained the birth of the title to Sound of the City: “My friend and I were at the convenience store looking for tampons and I was upset that I couldn’t find tampons or Tylenol. Going back and forth, I thought they should just package them together. My friend began singing those words together.”……read on~

The L.A. Times: Essential Tracks: GENESIS BE by Randall Roberts

#NewVideo – by @NarubiSelah “Gun Law”

“It was put in there so that citizens would have the ability if their government became oppressive they could defend themselves against oppressive government…” Jessie Ventura


Narubi Selah has released her second video this year directed by Alexey Wind  titled “Gun Law” (produced by Jess Wess) which we love and feel the timing is impeccable as recent discussions have escalated in communities, amongst government, lawmakers due to violent acts by police & citizens. Either innocent or guilty we are entitled to a fair trial before persecution and especially death. So many of our young men and women are being murdered more and more by the hands of those who are paid to “protect” us. Whether you feel or agree that we have a right to bear arms this video with definitely spark a conversation about the direction of our lives as our day by day our rights are being stripped. Brooklyn based, Narubi Selah is a teacher, Dean of Students and carries 2 Master Degrees so behind her lyrics is not only wisdom but an undeniable intelligence that few emcees carry. She is about her community, her word and hiphop…. SALUTE!

narubi-gun narubi-gun2 narubi-gun3


WE ARE MORE!!! #Love #Empowerment #Sisterhood

We met this beautiful lady at an open mic and she excitedly told us about W.A.M. (We Are More) which assists young ladies who are interested in personal elevation. Through mentorship, collaborations as well as educational and informative expeditions this non-profit organizations goal is to instil confidence, motivation and determination needed to achieve their goals. Please check out and support our sister Tameka S. Raines as she embarks on teaching through love and wisdom while elevating the life of our future mothers and leaders!


“Every time a young woman decides to rise above any sort of pressure, she is in more of a relationship with her divine inner strength and beauty.” Tameka S. Raines ​​​​



Hope to see you tonight for #SalutetheQueensIII

So we are on #3 of the monthly show of Salute the Queens and we are excited to share these next amazing indie female artists with you all. Tonight in Jersey City, NJ we will be LIVE at Jordan’s Lounge 247 Newark Ave. From pop to hiphop to rap we have everything covered for your listening pleasure. Hope to see you there…

For info/tickets go to EVENTBRITE


Free before 9 pm


DJ BIZZNICE & DJ PREEZY on the tables


Catch new video by Mississippi bred, Genesis Be, “Tampons & Tylenol” produced by Dj Goodgoose and directed by Israfel Briggs & Genesis Be herself.  This video was shot at the ACE HOTEL in NYC and she will be performing it LIVE tonight!