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#NewMusic by Netousha Monroe “Can I Have It All” produced by @djwayneski

Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too? Why must we change ourselves for men to fall in love or them fall in love with us? These are some questions that Ms. Netousha Monroe asks on this new track produced by Dj Wayneski. The track is a cool and soulful vibe while her voice is smooth… we love it!




netousha monroe

A classic reminder…


Badu has always been a reminder of classic flavor, style and here is a glimpse of her at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ.

Photographer Doug Seymour has traveled with many different artists over the past several years. During these times, he has found himself behind the scene all too often—capturing moments with musicians not typically seen by the general public. A Day In The Life Of offers that view—photos taken during sound check, what it’s like in a dressing room, candid moments backstage and more.



Watch out for Sonia France… #FemalesOnTheRise

Sonia France knows more than a thing or two about the business of hip-hop. From her early days as an assistant at Violator Records to her current role as PR to several artists including former Roc-A-Fella stars and also, Lil Kim, this industry maven has found her calling in working behind-the-scenes. Before becoming hands-on with labels and artists, France was an artist herself. She sung background vocals for Melanie Smallwood but quickly realized the spotlight wasn’t for her. After meeting Brian Jones, the general manager of Violator Records, France began her path in the industry. Currently in the position of PR for the Roc-A-Fella Reunion and for Lil Kim’s upcoming endeavors, France is looking forward to launching her own multi-service company in the near future. Along with PR, she’s also managing several up and coming artists and still acts as an assistant to AZ and DJ Absolut. Read on and find out how this budding industry specialist keeps on her path. Take notes.


sonia france


What inspired you to go the music route?

I had a lot of people around me motivating me to push myself further. They all knew my track record when it came to getting things done. Plus, with me knowing so many people, it worked out.

When did you realize PR was your calling?

Honestly, the PR path started last year when I was working with Lil Kim. The PR person she had was pushing me towards it because he knows that I wear many hats. He just kept telling me, “You could do it. You could do it.” Even though I didn’t know too much about PR, it worked out well. Before PR, I was doing assistant work and management. I’ve had my hands in everything for years. But, mainly management is my main thing along with being an assistant. I manage a few up and coming artists and do assistant work with DJ Absolut and AZ.

How did you land those positions as the assistant to the GM of Violator and to Terry Walker at Motown?

I met Brian Jones through Tweet, one of the artists from the r&b group “Next.” After all of our years working together, I am still his right hand person. Anything he needs done, I’m there and vice versa. With Terry, I was working as a receptionist. He wanted me to work under him because he knew my knowledge of the industry. A young lady named Katie that was working at Atlantic Records introduced me to AZ. I started making little things happen with phone calls. He like what I brought to the table and kept me onboard as his assistant.

What’s a day in your life like?

It consists of being on the phone all day. I make phone calls all day, everyday. I’m also sending e-mails trying to make things happen. For an example, Lil Kim has a new video that we’d like aired on BET’s 106 & Park. With that comes a lot of back and forth with the company. It’s a process. When we have events such as the Roc-A-Fella Reunion, I try to speak to my artists everyday to make sure everything is in place and running smoothly.

For more of this interview by Danitha go to The Source

#Video by Deep Vally – “Baby I Call Hell”

Hot chicks ROCK, no really these chick ROCK and “Baby I Call Hell” is the perfect tune to crank up as loud as your speakers will go.
Rock-hard grit and all-girl soul from the San Fernando Valley who are the howl of Lindsey Troy and rhythm of Julie Edwards (Heisenflei of The Pity Party); together, the duo breaks blues down to its simplest, most fundamental form: beat, melody, and meaning. Although they have only been a band for one year, they’re already playing wicked SoCal gigs like Moon Block Party and about to jet set to England for Latitude Festival.


Smother by Daughter is such a tranquil piece…

This is such an amazing song… They are signed indie artists and we are really trying to expand into different genres in order to support more ladies in their music journeys.  Daughter of North London is signed to Communion Records of the UK and toured most of last year with a full dates in Jan as well…

Her (Elena Tonra) voice is so soothing and reminds me a little of The Cure or The Sundays. I love their music and look forward to hearing more.





#NewVideo from Vita Chambers “Fix You”

This video has been out about a month and has received over 300K views from her fans worldwide. She in on Universal but people are still learning who Ms. Chambers is… from “Like Boom” to this new uptempo beat she is becoming a consistent force. Check it out and let us know what you think?

But we are loving her jean tubetop/jean jacket combo….



Photos of @RnBApril at Club Pyramid #NYC




So I rolled up, grabbed my camera and started taking flicks and video at Club Pyramid in NYC to catch Ms. RnB April of Jersey City, NJ. She was the only female on the stage in the plethora of male emcees who did their thing but this is why we need to get the ladies on the stage… it makes a great night, breaks it up and of course adds the beauty to the room (wink)

Speaking of beauty RnB April was looking fabulous in her Delicious Wear by Junior as well as her glowing face with bright red lipstick from her makeup artist Sketch. Junior also styled April’s hair with a long, layered & curl flip. The dress was shiny, fitting and different that most all black dresses….almost intergalactic!

We had a good time and also s/o to DJ G Money who held down the tables.

Video coming to FemaleFlow DVD