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“When Your In Love” by @KarinaPasian #Video

This beautiful song about being in love was written and produced by Grammy winners Gordon Chambers & Barry Eastmond. The video features Ms. Pasian in a beautiful white gown at the piano accompanying a graceful dancer. The visuals are a great fit for this song about just how much our emotions are enhanced when we have fallen for someone… do you agree?




I know they love me, even though they hate me…

intelligentz2Passion, Conviction, Poet, Chicago, Survivor, Dedicated,,,,

are a few words that describe Ms.  Intelligenz. From her own bio we read, “No matter how many competitions, open mics, festivals or venues she performed on the strip, it seemed she would struggle to catch a break as a female who chose to highlight her barz versus her “assets”. After four years of closed doors, Intelligenz finally got her break.”  Again this is what Female Flow is trying to do… Highlight those indie ladies who are talented, courageaous and standing out from the crowd. Please check her out… listen and tell a friend!!!


“What You Started” by @MelissaBlive #newmusic

melissa b2

Are you ready for some energy?

Melissa B can best be described as gritty-glam-pop and this self proclaimed “geek” has been singing since she was 5 years old. From VA but now in NYC Melissa B performs regularly and runs her non-profit organization “Girl Geek Dinners NYC” where she helps young women get inspired about computer science and technology. You very well might hear her on your radio but today you saw her on FEMALE FLOW!!