Daily Archives: January 17, 2013

#Throwback from 2001 it’s Mizza “Battle Me” (Video)

This track was produced by S-Luv of the Pocket Dwellers and Urbnet said, “Battle Me”, the first single off of “Revelation Genesis”, stomps from the get-go, beating the listener into a bloodied, melodiouspulp by the end of the track. The energy that courses through this cut is addictive and unrelenting. On “Mizza Dot Com”, her sharptongue slashes through the concrete jungle, and her beats shake the pavement to rubble under your feet. No matter how hard youfight it, the chorus on “Get Hi” will engage you, wrap itself around you, and leave your body twitchin. You want more, but can yourbody handle it? Like a habit you cant break, your worst nightmare, but your number one desire.”