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#FemaleFlow DVD coming soon…. are you ready?



This is only the beginning and the first one is a compilation of videos of nothing but indie female artists but the future of our DVDs will entail interviews, behind the scenes as well as live coverage from some of the hottest stages in the world.

We look forward to getting your video submissions and make sure you send us your links via email or on twitter @femaleflowmusic (

We accept ALL music genres but please only send professional videos… best foot forward!

Happy New Year,



To all my ladies…. a message to all #female #artists who wake up everyday with a #DREAM

i have a dream


Life as an artist…

This is not an easy road. We grew up hearing the phrase “starving artists” for years but never really knew what it meant until we decided that we wanted to make a “living” creating.

Whether you paint, produce, spin, write, sing or rap your life of expression can be a far cry from what the real reality is…. paying bills. BUT there is a sense of peace & happiness in your art that you just can’t find in a 9 to 5. Many of the ladies I speak to are mothers, working full or part-time and in the studio instead of sleeping or on their valuable days off. I salute you. When you make sacrifices, learn the business, dedicate your “extra” hours to your passion of expression in the hopes that someone will hear you, know that I hear you.

I just wanted to put up a post to let you know that even if we don’t post every single thing we listen, we hear you and we encourage you. We hope that you continue with the fight. We hope you push just a little bit more to pull out of yourself what you know is there….and even if it doesn’t “blow up” or make the charts your work is ever-lasting, stamped and etched into time. You just never know where exactly your music will go and when it will get there. Stay true. Stay consistent and remember to let it FLOW!



#FemaleFlow Artists Take it to DC!!!

We set out on a road trip to DC

for a Range Rover Commercial and Show

with RnB April, J Sass & Iyadonna…

Now trips can be fun and this one was

mostly because of the company but things don’t always go

the way we planned so it’s the attitude and professionalism

of the people you surround yourself with that make or break a situation.

Thank you Dj Zu for thinking of us and we appreciate you.. looking forward to future dates!

I appreciate each of these extremely talented ladies…

From Interviews w/ SpotLight TV to shooting the RangeRover Commercial here is


of our weekend together in the Nations Capital!


Our hotel was beautiful and only 6 blocks from the capital building so the view was amazing! The ladies got ready, warmed up their voices, danced around and the energy was on full tilt!

After the 4 hour drive we were a lil hungry so we grabbed some wings, crab puffs and salad before we jump in the 2013 RangeRover to start filming for local commercial.

IMG_9949b IMG_9950b

We want to thank everyone for their support! So many came out from all over!

IMG_9953b IMG_9956b IMG_9959b IMG_9968b copy IMG_9972b IMG_9975b IMG_9976b IMG_9977b

The ladies then interviewed with Spotlight TV on the red carpet.

IMG_9979b IMG_9984b IMG_9986b IMG_9990b

Before the wardrobe change we had to get a couple more flicks at the hotel with our fam from Jersey City and received a couple make up tips in the process… can you see the capital building?

IMG_9993b IMG_9998b


We hit the club ready to burn down the stage…

S/O to Daryl who held the ladies down in the RangeRover commercial

and we appreciate your support throughout the night! IMG_0035b IMG_0036b

201 was definitely in the 202 with Female Flow and we appreciate your love and presence, it just wouldn’t have been the same w/o you there with us!

IMG_0042b IMG_0045b

Us ladies had to do a lil touring of the city before we left stopping by the Washington Monument and some surrounding buildings… all the flags were at half mass for the babies who were gunned down in Newtown. We say our prayers to their families. ❤


Just want to personally thank each of the ladies that chose to come and I appreciate your support of the FemaleFlow Movement. You individually are all so talented and such beautiful people. I promise to continue to support your careers and know our doors are always open.

2013 is going to be amazing for us all…

and video from the trip is