Daily Archives: November 26, 2012


“Now laying here lonely, use to be my everything yeah, one and only, threw up all I had up on the line yeah, in thee open, I guess that I will be rich and broken…”

Tia London has always delivered an in your face, heart on the sleeve type of lyrics that women can sink their emotions into and some might even be hard to swallow but it is, at the end of the day..  truth. She delivers the truth about love. Love hurts. And these songs hurt. There is NO denying that she loves what she does. She puts her all into her songwriting, singing and match that with a producer who is just as passionate about his craft then you just can’t go wrong. There are plenty songs on her new mixtape OverDose, produced entirely by Traxster, but I picked just one… start you off light. More to come…

I promise she will be one of your favorites by the end of this year!