Daily Archives: October 31, 2012

Her name is Cindy…..

and she looks like this…..burnette, bright lipstick, smirk smile with a mischevious-ness behind the corners, hoops and a gorgeous personality full of bubbles, feathers and exudes tightness with essence of elasticity. They call her Cindy but we call her VILCHEZ BABY!!!

….and she details her drawing with sexiness, appeal and ingenuity for the woman of any size if you dare wear VILCHEZ then you will catch the eye of any fashionista!

from the beach to the bedroom to the hottest runways… this is VILCHEZ BABIES!

you can shop with her, laugh with her and turn heads with VILCHEZ FASHION 

and remember that if you don’t have the PINK TAG then it’s not VILCHEZ BITCHES!



She chose Halloween to Premiere her new music video/short Film “Alley Of The Earth” which is a Rock-N-Roll Horror, Written By herself & Directed By Sharvon P. Urbannavage. It is a story about overcoming fears and struggles through the battle of inner & outer Demons/Monsters one might encounter during the human experience. GhettoSong Bird states, “It’s about killing your pain with passion no matter who or what tries to stop you.”