Daily Archives: October 10, 2012

Salute to the Queens that paved the way…

Lisa Lee, Roxanne Shante, Sha Rock and Dj Flame.. whew! The amazing talent and history with those names right there is deeper than we know. I still feel the need to do more research and digging as I am sure I don’t know all that I should. But what I do know is that these women have blazed a trail for the ladies who are doing it today. We respectfully pay homage and send a prayer of continued blessings to them with a hug of love and happiness. It is such a beautiful thing to see people who we admire and look up to and when you get a chance to meet them & they are just humble, beautiful souls it makes it even more special. We love you Queens and thank you for being who you are, for having the courage to do something that at the time was abnormal, for standing your ground, holding your mics firm and showing us how to do it with style!!