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Her name is Cindy…..

and she looks like this…..burnette, bright lipstick, smirk smile with a mischevious-ness behind the corners, hoops and a gorgeous personality full of bubbles, feathers and exudes tightness with essence of elasticity. They call her Cindy but we call her VILCHEZ BABY!!!

….and she details her drawing with sexiness, appeal and ingenuity for the woman of any size if you dare wear VILCHEZ then you will catch the eye of any fashionista!

from the beach to the bedroom to the hottest runways… this is VILCHEZ BABIES!

you can shop with her, laugh with her and turn heads with VILCHEZ FASHION 

and remember that if you don’t have the PINK TAG then it’s not VILCHEZ BITCHES!



She chose Halloween to Premiere her new music video/short Film “Alley Of The Earth” which is a Rock-N-Roll Horror, Written By herself & Directed By Sharvon P. Urbannavage. It is a story about overcoming fears and struggles through the battle of inner & outer Demons/Monsters one might encounter during the human experience. GhettoSong Bird states, “It’s about killing your pain with passion no matter who or what tries to stop you.”

Her name is TESS & she wants to talk to you…

Her name is TESS and she is a singer/songwriter out of NYC who is a little CRAZY, crazy talented. Female Flow saw her perform last summer at the Hudson River Cafe in Harlem and she lit the stage up with her style, voice and in your face lyrics. She holds nothing back and she is asking her fans, friends and angels to help her make her dreams come true. She joined KickStarter to help her with her goal…

CHECK IT OUT >>>>  MY NAME IS TESS: It Takes a Village! 

Oh in case you didn’t see…..  Tess “MJ” Official Video here it is!

Today at the #A3CFestival @StupidDope Presents: Lipgloss & Sneakers

 StupidDope.Com Presents: Lip Gloss and Sneakers bringing together talented women from all corners of the world and all sectors of industry on how to face the challenges and triumphs in the face of adversity.

Panelists include A’rfa Butt (MTV)(moderator), Ayara Pommells (StupidDope/Earmilk /RawRoots), Amber Ravenel (Women on the Move), Rapsody, Adrift Da Belle, Monie Love, Nikkiya, Tiffany Hardin (Gild Creative Group)

Female Flow is so excited to be apart of this and later this evening panelist Adrift Da Belle will be on stage with us at’s 7th Anniversary Party taking place at The BrickYard along with Lyric Jones, L Streetz, Jeda Sky & Dutch Rebelle!



Salute to the Queens that paved the way…

Lisa Lee, Roxanne Shante, Sha Rock and Dj Flame.. whew! The amazing talent and history with those names right there is deeper than we know. I still feel the need to do more research and digging as I am sure I don’t know all that I should. But what I do know is that these women have blazed a trail for the ladies who are doing it today. We respectfully pay homage and send a prayer of continued blessings to them with a hug of love and happiness. It is such a beautiful thing to see people who we admire and look up to and when you get a chance to meet them & they are just humble, beautiful souls it makes it even more special. We love you Queens and thank you for being who you are, for having the courage to do something that at the time was abnormal, for standing your ground, holding your mics firm and showing us how to do it with style!!



This Friday in Atlanta, GA the stage is never going to be the same as welcomes a few of the illest female artists to grace their mics to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of the hottest internet radio station in the nation. Missy B called upon Adrift Da Belle, Jeda Sky (FF Vol. 6), Dutch Rebelle, Lyric Jones, L Streetz (FF Vol 1, 4) as well as Stack or Starve DJ Mz Stylez to show everybody exactly how us ladies get down. Female Flow is so excited to be able to share the stage with our fellow emcees including 40 Acres (Skinny & Scales of Nappy Roots), Deja34 artist Alize’, B.U. Da Local, Sha Stimuli, Lil Mouse and  of course E-Dubb Live.

Have no fear… if your not in ATL for the this weekend then we will be broadcasting LIVE from Google+ Page. So feel free to HANGOUT with us as we celebrate. Don’t forget to follow @FemaleFlowMusic and @SwurvRadio for the behind the scenes and in the middle of the action tweets & pics!

To RSVP or to get more INFO on this event click it >>>> RIGHT HERE




P.S. ❤ to Deja34 Staff