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#Download @FemaleFlowMusic’s Volume 5 hosted by Lady Jay Diamond

 Download Female Flow Vol. 5


01 Jay Diamond – Bang Your Drum
02 Diana Floss – Make Some Noise In Here
03 Lady Cash – Drinks on Deck
04 Hazel E – Pop My Butt
05 Karma Redz – Take Off
06 Ruin ft. MC Lyte – Ready 2 Party
07 Ms. Jemiah Jai – Knots
08 Lady Cash – Start It Up Freestyle
09 Outspoken ft. Redman – State Your Name
10 Outspoken – Wasted
11 Scarlet Fever – Dizrespectful
12 Epiphany ft. Miss Big Body – When You See Me
13 Hazel E ft. Slim Thug – Strip
14 Shawna Pat – Stray To The Game
15 Leah Beabout – Don’t Give It Away (remix)
16 Keziah – The Alter produced by Illmind
17 Toni Monroe – I’m Okay
18 Neon Love – Toodles To You
19 Ashley Logan – Watch Me

Did you hear that #FemaleFlow Vol. 2 yet?

Here you go….. Female Flow Vol. 2

1.Cheri Dennis- Flight
2.Wish- Suga Daddy
3.Sonie Feat MC Lyte- My House
4.Wish- Feel Ur Beat
5.Nikkie Lynette- Shut The F Up,B Boy
6.Lah Tere- You Are
7.Nikkie Lynette ft. Pugz Atomz- Walk Away
8.J. Lo ft. Lil Wayne- Im So Into U
9.K. Michelle ft. Akon- MP3
10.Ebonee’- THESIS
11.Genesis Be- At A Standstill
12.Lyn Carter- We Know
13.Patwa- Roll Up (Freestyle)
15.Cheri Dennis- Lets Get Down